Gym workout

I’ve been mixing up my gym workouts by isolating one side of the muscles at a time. For instance like when doing the seated row I now do it one arm at a time. I feel like it isolates it further and it feels like it stretches it well. I will continue to do this for the foreseeable future.

Video Games and getting older

Video games was a hobby that when I younger I engaged in vast amounts of time. However as I have gotten older and now in my 30’s the appeal and progressing through a game that could that hours to complete is less appealing. My mind starts telling I could be doing something more valuable with my time like learning sometime new or learning about computers and how they work which could enhance my living. I’m not saying I dislike at my age video games but spending vast amounts of time playing them doesn’t have as much appeal now for some reason. I still play them when I play multiplayer with friends as that is enjoyable as there is human interaction.

Computer Operating System comment

I’ve been a UNIX and Linux man for most of my IT career. I like these operating systems very much and they are great to use and learn. I feel like you can customize and have more control while having less software bloat in these oses. You  don’t have to typically pile on a bunch of other applications to have security or networking functionality. With Windows software everything installs and starts without user intervention which makes me wonder why I have a bunch of applications or services running right of the bat. I usually also have less if any ads when running UNIX oses which I am a fan of.

Halloween why is it celebrated?

Halloween this is one of those holidays as I get older I do not fully understand why it’s celebrated. Dress up like a bunch of scary creatures and party or get candy. I do not understand what is the appeal of celebrating ghouls and mayhem. Has it’s roots in pagan European celebrations. This is one of those holidays as a kid was fun due to your complete ignorance on it not one I have any desire to partake on at my current age.

Learning WordPress

I’ve been using word press for about a month now and I do find it’s interface to be well designed. There are a number of features and making posts is quite straightforward. I would highly recommend using it for a blog site. It’s even quite good at stopping spam posts with posts needing approvals.

Attended church today.

I attended church today and it was a good sermon on peter’s denial of Jesus and how he later on asked for forgiveness. I’ve been growing in my walk with Christ and spending more time reading my Bible. Sometimes I have a feeling of things being unclear but as I read more I gain a better understanding.

Buona Beef

I had Buona Beef today for dinner and it was good as I hadn’t been there in a long time. I typically go to the one in Hoffman Estates after seeing a movie out there. I recall having their pizza once before many years ago I believe in the Bloomingdale location while I was attending Devry University In Addison. It brings back nice memories of my college days and how quickly they passed.

Ordered seal greatest hits CD

I was on my way to the gym yesterday and I heard a seal song I hadn’t heard in some time. It’s called prayer for the dying and it’s a great song. I went ahead and ordered his greatest hits CD from Looking forward to hearing this song along with the other good ones on the CD


HP’s naming convention

I was attempting to enter the BIOS screen of an HP Pavilion laptop today and I was surprised to find that when I entered the product named labeled on the laptop it returned hundreds of results. It would seem that while the product name is labeled on the laptop that is not the full product name as there are hundreds of deviations of that product name.  Call me simplistic but when I read the product name labeled on a product I assume that is the product name not some short name of it. So I had to flip over the laptop and look at the fine print on a sticker which had the additional product name on it and once I entered that I was taken to a legitimate support page. This is the convention HP has adopted and I have no idea why they make it this difficult to get to a product name. I personally prefer Supermicro when it comes to computer products or components. Everything is clearly labeled and identified with no hidden information or obscure information.