Bought Aladdin and Metal Gear Solid 5

I went to stop at the bank today and afterwards stumbled upon the movie Aladdin on Blu-ray. I know this recently just came out on blu-ray and truly loved this film as a kid so I purchased without hesitation. The picture and sound were fantastic and the movie is just as good as I remember. Also after being handed some of the black Friday store ads from my mother I saw metal gear solid 5 for sale at wal-mart for $35 and I went right away to purchase as it normally lists for $59.95. I’ll open it on Christmas along with my purchase of PlayStation 4 after Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been several days since I have posted on here and I am unsure why perhaps I didn’t have much to say these past few days. I went to my brothers wife family house to have thanksgiving dinner. The dinner was good and the company was good. I am happy for my brother that he has a loving wife and a beautiful baby boy.  I asked him to pray for me in regard to my future. After dinner we came home with my family to watch the original batman not my idea at all as it was my father’s idea for some reason.

Jurassic World opinon

Well I saw Jurassic World last night with a friend and I did find it entertaining but very predictable as far the story went. I didn’t much care for the genetic alteration of dinosaurs as I thought the purpose of Jurassic Park was recreating dinosaurs not creating new species of dinosaurs. If your creating new creatures as apposed to bring back already extinct creatures you are creating a genetic lab not a ancient zoo. I think considering this is the fourth film in the series they could have deviated from the dinosaurs break free from the park and run wild killing the visitors.  That’s straight out of the original Jurassic Park. They could have done something like the dinosaurs escape the park and go to a nearby  city wreaking havoc on the population or the dinosaurs start running wild living on different parts of the earth as they did in the past and the implications of that on the modern world.I did enjoy the special effects and the CG was astounding. I also liked that they had a wide variety of dinosaurs I think the most of any Jurassic film. The sea dinosaur was pretty cool but I don’t know it’s name.

Forgot to attend job fair

I  was referred to a job fair by people at my church and I completely forgot to go yesterday. I’ve attended job fairs in the past and I really didn’t get much out of it so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  It appears that they have the same job fair in the December as well so I will go to that one. If my church group hadn’t told me to attend I would not be going on my own due to my past experiences with job fairs. I will go and perhaps things will be different this time I hope for the best.

Bought a Star Wars Book while out shopping with mother

I found a bargain star wars book called Shadows of the Empire which keened my interest as I had owned the Shadows of the Empire game for the Nintendo 64 way back in high school. It was a fun game with an in between story in between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi of the Star Wars films. I’d like to read it through this winter as it’s been a long time since I have read a star wars book. and it should be an interesting read as it has an alternate villain face Darth Vader.

Defeating two games.

I would like to defeat these two games in order. Metal Gear Rising Revengance and Chrono Cross. I am pretty far along in Metal Gear but I’m stuck on a difficult boss I will have to see how I can defeat him. Chrono Cross is a game I am much looking forward to playing as the original game Chrono Trigger was a masterpiece created by square the same company that created the final fantasy series. It’s an RPG game with great game play, story, and music. I’ve been putting off this game for years as it’s been out for over decade as I just never got around to playing through it. It’s definitely on my list of games to play through in the near future.

Resume Building

Resume writing is one of those areas in life that is much more of an art than any science. The point of the resume is to get you noticed and interviewed by the prospective employer. I’ve recently learned that writing a quantitative resume is better than stating just what you did. While I do see the value in that I do see one disadvantage what is likelihood that you would keep stats or records on how much time or money you saved the company? I think unless you update your resume on a regular basis which I do not this will easily be forgotten in time. I had to recall what I did years ago for old employers. I never kept any records of milestones and I only remembered them if they held significance to me.