Christmas Day

Christmas day was wonderful with family and decent weather for chicagoland. Everyone got what they asked for and we celebrated the birth of Jesus as a family. My playstation 4 is pretty interesting however the setup and installation of included games was too long I think  Star Wars Battlefront had to be one of the slowest installs I have done of a game it basically took one afternoon to install it but from the few missions I have played I have enjoyed the game itself.

Christmas eve.

Haven’t been posting as often as I would like on here but since it is drawing close to Christmas I thought I would share some of the holiday spirit. My brother will be visiting with his wife and I will enjoy the time with the family and celebrating Jesus. I think we will have a nice set of gifts as well.

Star Wars the Force Awakens Review

I enjoyed this movie for the most part and I certainly liked it better than the phantom menace when that premiered many years ago. I felt the villain han solos and princess leias son resembled Darth Vader too much and why was he wearing a mask if his face had no scaring? The first order seemed quite mysterious and their supreme commander I did not quite understand at all(Was he a sith lord?). I felt Luke skywalker should have had a bigger role in this film as he played such a vital part in the previous films and the reasoning given was that he felt that he failed as a Jedi teacher since his pupil went to the dark side that is why he went into seclusion. Also since fin was a storm trooper I do not know why he didn’t resemble Jango Fett since the storm troopers are cloned from him but again this film doesn’t have contiguity. My friends claim the luke skywalker was now a sith lord was completely false I had no idea where that idea came from. He didn’t make an appearance until the end of the movie as a Jedi master. It seemed like Ray the girl in the film had Jedi abilities and perhaps she will be trained by Luke skywalker in the future films. I didn’t like how they killed off certain characters but that happens in these films. The dynamics of Fin and Ray where pretty cool and I liked the inclusion of the new droid. Overall I liked the movie and would like to see more of Luke Skywalker in the future films.

Watching Star Wars the force awakens tonight.

I’m pretty excited about watching  this movie and I hope it turns out to be a good movie given that’s a different director and company altogether Disney.  It’s been ten years since the last star wars movie came out and I really thought that would be the last one but I was proven wrong as this movie surfaced. Audio and Visually it should be impressive as I am watching it in IMAX 3D at the Randall 15 Batavia theater. I am picking up a friend from the Crystal Lake station and we are then riding down to Batavia. I will post a comment the day after I watch this movie to write a critic.

Watching ones health

As I have gotten older I have become more aware of my health and eating good nutritious meals. Eating vegetables and fruits is definitely something I enjoy. I try to lay off the sodas and potato chips as much as possible. I rarely drink soda nowadays but do occasionally munch on potato chips. I drink plenty of water and try to exercise two to three times a week. Lately my favorite vegetable to eat is broccoli it’s crunchy and very nutritious.

Being in different places and getting older

As I have gotten older I’ve become less liking of winter and being in the same geographical area my whole life. I’ve set plans in motion where I will most likely be residing in California next year. No doubt there is a allure of being in a place where snow typically does not happen and has a temperate climate with access to nice beaches. I think this will be a nice change in my life and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Went to IHOP with family.

My father decided to go to IHOP today which seemed totally random but I went along with it anyway. I ordered the egg combo and we had some unique discussions in regard to politics and religion. I made the point that why does anyone need to be super rich and he equated it to communism if you tell people how much money or material things they could have. I didn’t see it that way and the manner in which my career postings have ended and how I see a very few elite getting richer while everyone else gets poorer definitely points to imbalances in the system in which people who need the money the most aren’t getting it.

Had a friend come over

Had a friend come over last night and we watched the movie Aladdin. Afterwards we played networked computer games through the evening. It was a fun time and we even video chatted with an old high school friend that lives in Los Angeles now. To my surprise he recently started making statements that he wants to start a career in IT. I’m not sure what brought on these recent changes but I wish him the best in his endeavours but I really think he would have sicked with being a musician.